Monday 14 November 2016

An Endangered Species (AKA Zistle Trade)

Taking a break from moping and pouting about my favorite website to post a trade with one of the few die-hards left lurking around. I have a ton of cards that scans just don't do justice, but this is the opposite, they actually look better scanned than in-hand. Not true acetate cards, only the cloudy window is see through, but very cool cards, and the complete team set of 1997 E-X2000.

The coolest part is the back, some crazy mirror action that the logo's are not backwards and Ellis Burks is batting left-handed. The batting helmet logo on the Bichette gives the photoshopping away, but it's pretty cool they did a whole set like this.

Back when companies knew know to make parallels, Eric Young on a completely gold background from 1997 Ultra.

My first 2016 Platinum card and my first Antonio Senzatela, bonus points for the Mountain Logo Spring Training hat.

Some Alfred Morris from Panini Clear Vision, and as much as I rip on Panini and this set is a Tek rip-off, Clear Vision is a better football product than Tek. And one from 2014 Prestige, a set that is usually among my favorites design wise every year.

Speaking of Prestige, some 2012 wants from my favorite Football base card design this side of 1992 Pinnacle.

Thanks for the trade, and I hope there are more to come in the future.

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  1. The backs of those 1997 E-X2000 cards definitely show a careful attention to detail which seems to be sorely lacking in the production of cards today. Very cool, indeed.