Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ramiel Tapia Bowman Black Collection Auto

Another Bowman Black Collection autograph to add to the collection. This was the one player I was hoping would get one of these cards this season. Tapia is a prospect that a lot of guys are really high on and some are not, seems like a really high ceiling low floor player, but with the way the Rockies seem to develop hitters this kid has a chance to be good, although as a 20 year old who just finished his second season in the States, he is still a ways away from Coors Field.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Zistle Trade #30

After being fairly quiet for a while, the trade winds are blowing again, starting with this package from kesslerm through Starting off with a couple nice horizontal shots, a great double dip from Jason Bates and one of my favorite inserts from the last few years with a CarGo chase it down.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Just when you thought I couldn't post any more of these

A pretty exciting addition to the collection, joining the 2013 Ramon Hernandez rainbow, the black printing plate used to make the cards. I know the magenta has been pulled and sold on ebay before I started this project and is probably stashed in someones collection, and I had all but given up finding one of the other three, so I was trilled just to get 1 of the 4, and who knows maybe the rest will pop up eventually.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

More Weird Catcher Relic Pick-ups

While not usually a fan of relics, Tools of the Trade did some things that are just to awesome it ingore. The above John Buck with pieces of shin guard, glove, chest protector and steel bars from a mask is one of those cards that there was no way I was going to pass up.

The Ivan Rodriguez switches out the shin guard for a piece of jersey but is the first mask card I have seen with hollow bars, and is the first from a traditional catcher's mask and not the goalie style that Buck wears.

These join the Johnny Estrada I picked up last year and as far as I can tell I am only missing a Paul Lo Duca mask card to have one of each from the Tools of the Trade sets.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

2015 Gypsy Queen First Look

My collecting tendencies come and go, sometimes it's hockey, sometimes it's football, sometimes it's base cards, sometimes it's higher end, sometimes it's Ramon Hernandez. The one constant since getting back into collecting has been Gypsy Queen. I have finished 2011-2013 and 2014 is getting closer. Every year since 2012 I have bought 2 boxes, I love Gypsy Queen.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Jonathan Gray - Bowman Black Collection 2.0

A while back, my top collecting goal was to get all the Rockies from the multi-year, multi-brand Bowman Black Collection Autograph series. This past winter I managed to track them all down, but a new year means new cards, although always new players. In March of this year, my redemption for the Jonathan Gray Bowman Black Collection from 2013 Bowman Draft came arrived, then in June I noticed Jon Gray was again listed in Bowman Inception as a part of the BBC checklist. My first reaction was annoyance at re-using a player from last year instead of another prospect, but after receiving the card, the photo selection on this one is way better, and the prospect I really wanted Topps to use, Raimel Tapia, got a Black Collection card in Bowman flagship this year.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Recent Pickup (or why I don't break high end)

There are few things about Topps high end products such as 2014 Triple Threads that confuse me. One being why there are even base cards in the first place, do we really need another 100 card base set of the same players that are in every base set. Limit high-end to just autos and relics like Inception and be done with it. The second is why players like Mr. Franklin Morales here are included. While having and interesting career, coming up as a rookie starting pitcher for Colorado's World Series run in 2007. Later spending time as the Rockies closer and eventual World Series champ with the 2013 Red Sox, Morales is back with the Rockies as a 6th starter/longman, which in this season from hell puts him second on the team in starts and innings pitched. While this is a nice card, numbered to only 9 copies, even as a die-hard Rockies fan a collector, I only bought this card because of the spring training hat in the photo. I can't imagine the disappointment of a non-Rockies fan, pulling a Franklin Morales card out of a high-end product and selling it, to me, on ebay, for $3.26. Right now you can pick up a box of 2014 Triple Threads at Blowout for 164.95. Keep in mind that only gets you 14 cards. I hope that whoever pulled this Morales, the rest of their pack went a little bit better.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Maybe Topps Bunt Isn't All Bad

Things are very slow in the card front around here, so after scrambling through the scanned folder I found something that I had totally forgot about. Back in June I downloaded the Topps Bunt app, the virtual trading card game and starting messing around with, buying packs, making a few trades, and it turned out to be a fun little time waster. Then I heard people were actually selling these digital cards on the secondary market. So after pulling an Xander Bogaerts insert I put it up on ebay to test the waters. The auction ended at $7.56, almost 8 bucks for a card that does not actually exist! So with a basically free $7.56 in my paypal I added the card below to my collection.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Are you ready for some football?

Week 1, at time of hope and optimism, were every team coming into the game is in first place with an undefeated 0-0 record, and a time for me to post some cards that have been sitting in the scanned folder for far to long. Starting with a black bordered parallel ,numbered to 35, of Sean Taylor from 2004 Skybox LE. I have grown tired of die-cuts, but I actually like this set. I usually don't like training camp shots either, but the trees in the background make for a nice photo.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

2014 Bowman Platinum Group Break Results

In deciding not to spend over $100 on a box on 2014 Bowman Platinum, I decided to try and jump in on a few box breaks to pick up some Rockies. I have done two previous box breaks, 2012 Archives and 2012 Heritage, both went poorly for me, but that was largely because I joined before I realized how poor the Rockies checklists for these sets were.

I was hoping this one would be different, but it was not. 6 boxes of Bowman Platinum yielded me very little. I did watch the break, and the breaker ran a good honest break. It was just the packs that were against me. I did get the base team set, but that is only the two cards to the right.