Monday, 20 January 2020

First Trade (and post) of 2020

A couple things to get out of the way, happy 2020 to everyone and in absence of a big post I just want to thank everyone who reads, trades and sends cards, not everything gets posted here, but everything is appreciated, thanks to all.

One to the cards, starting with my love of re-printed cards, there is something I just don't like about putting old cards into team binders, so when I can add modern cards of old players I am a happy camper. These are both beauties (the Leach I actually have the vintage card) from 2001 Archives.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

COMC Nov 2019

Another glorious COMC mailday with a good amount of mailbox submissions. My new obsession, Panini Super Bowl Signatures. Starting in 2015 these were inserted in products, often unannounced, and continuing into 2019, all sharing the same design and all on-card. The Mark Rypien is new for 2019 and one of my favorite cards of the year, Mike Alstott was probably my favorite non-Redskin going back to his Purdue days, so picking on an on-card of a Hall of Fame fullback is a nice add. The Charles Mann is from 2015 and knocks my Washington needs down to two.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Football Frankenset, Mid November 2019

028 - 2008 UD Masterpieces - Dwight Clark

"The Catch", what more needs to be said.

041 - 1995 Ultra - Curtis Conway

Another reminder at how awful the NFL is treating the 100th Anniversary season compared to the 75th.

051 - 2013 Prizm - Kevin Kolb

A zero year card of the often injured Kevin Kolb, after playing for Eagles and Cardinals, signed with the Bills in 2013, but missed the entire season with a concussion and was forced to retire.

074 - 2018 Absolute - Teddy Bridgewater

Another zero year QB, Bridgewater was signed by the Jets in 2018, but was traded to the Saints before the start of the season as the Jets went with Sam Darnold.

082 - 2019 Elite - Antonio Brown

The Antonio Brown saga not only brought a good amount of entertainment, but also a large amount of zero year cards.

112 - 1994 Collector's Edge - John Offerdahl

When you think of Miami and Dallas, you don't really think of snow games, unless you remember this 1993 Thanksgiving game. Also bonus points for the 1990's era neck guard on the shoulder pads.

146 - 1991 Pro Set WLAF - John Layfield

I love adding weird teams, and the San Antonio Riders of the World League are pretty weird. John Layfield might not be a well known name, but he did go on to pretty big success as JBL and Bradshaw in the WWE.

263 - 2008 Bowman - Leodis McKelvin

The red "Standing Buffalo" throwback, by far my favorite of the Buffalo uniforms, and one of the few still in play with a simple decal swap.

Friday, 15 November 2019

My Yearly "Buying Things I Think Are Dumb" Post

Hey, remember when I bought the Rockies Player's Weekend sets from Topps Now and didn't like it, it happened in 2017 and in 2018. I did it again, and I don't like it again. Prepare yourselves for a proper "Old Man Yells At Cloud" post. Ugly uniforms, lame nicknames and bad player selection, here we come. Starting with Nolan Arenado, the guy is on a Hall of Fame track and the best we can do is "Nado"? That is not a nickname, it is your last name missing some letters.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

TCDB Trade #62

Another trade, more hockey heavy content. A new Cam Neely bringing me to 220 which tops the TCDB leaderboard, and a Byron Dafoe with a beauty of a mask card.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Creating my structure now I shall reign in 2014 Topps Parallels

A trade with $30 a week habit, sending some older hockey to their new home in Florida in return for some newer hockey, starting with a great Rask card, sporting an alternate jersey in an anthem shot, a new Cam Neely that I was shocked I didn't already have, and a parallel of another Cam, this one not quite as accomplished. 

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Note to self: Group Breaks are a huge waste of money and I am dumb for buying into them.

The title pretty much sums it up. Nothing against breakers, if you can make a job out of opening cards and take all time to sort, package and ship, great, I admire that, but as a buyer it is a huge gamble, and huge gambles usually turn out to be a huge waste. Every break I have entered has been this way and this was no exception. This time the allure of 2019 Upper Deck Artifacts was too strong, tempted by a checklist with Pastrnak autos (which I don't think even exist), Aurums in Red & Gold as well as the usual Bruins big hits in Saint Robert and Saint Patrice. No such luck. A 10 box case produced 4 Bruins cards with the above probably being the best, a non-numbered, regular relic of Tuukka Rask. Even though the card says "Lord Stanley's Legacy Relics" there is no mention of this being using in the Cup final (it probably wasn't), and if it was, it was one in which the Bruins lost, so, yay.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Cleaning out the Hockey Heavy Scan Folder

A combination of trades and parts of a few Sportlots orders that got scanned and never posted, until now. Starting off with a couple Bruins goalies, Jeff Hackett still in his Montreal gear, then with Bruins stuff and Peter Skudra on his only Bruins card.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Football Frankenset Aug/Sept 2019 Adds

077 - 2001 Ultra - Jon Ritchie
Great shot of a fullback clearing the hole, bonus points for dirt baseball infield and a card design that lets the photo be the star.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Remember Ray Bourque? He's back... in pog form!

Cleaning out the scan folder and combining a few trades. Why was a Ray Bourque pog on my wantlist? The answer being at some point I picked up Bruins pogs from the 1994-95 set, but was missing 4 from the team set, now I only need 3.