Friday, 16 March 2018

RLC Custom Card Project: Main Page

Not much of a post, just a spot to keep track of my Rockies Legacy Collection project. I will update as I go.

Players Done:

The list below is players that I still need a scan or a digital photo of to complete a card, if anyone can help with any of the players below it would be greatly appreciated.

De Los Santos, Valerio
Venafro, Mike
Gissell, Chris
Roa, Joe
Lowe, Sean
McKeel, Walt
Bartee, Kimera
Belitz, Todd
Suzuki, Mac
Jennings, Robin
Mendoza, Carlos
Cangelosi, John
McRae, Brian
Kelly, Mike
White, Derrick
Rath, Fred

Hutton, Mark
Scott, Tim
Gonzales, Rene
Minchey, Nate
Raabe, Brian
Habyan, John
Jones, Terry
Decker, Steve
Cockrell, Alan (have as a coach, need as a player)
Van Burkleo, Ty
Service, Scott

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