Tuesday 27 March 2018

RLC Custom Card Project: Jason Pridie

The Card: 1970, Probably the most forgotten vintage set in the Topps line. The big rookie card is probably Thurman Munson, but that card is largely overshadowed by his iconic 1971 card. Topps has gone crazy with reprints of old sets between Heritage, Archives and various inserts but I still don;t think they have touched 1970. If Heritage follows along, next year will be based on this design, and I am really looking forward to it as I kind of like this set, it's simple, but classy. As far as the custom goes I have really worked on cleaning up old designs and making them look sharp, but this one I left as a little crooked, off-center and the corners beat-up from the original scan, it just seems better than way.

The Player: Jason Pridie signed with the Rockies prior to the 2014 season and was sent to Triple-A after Spring Training. He was called up to the Rockies on August 2nd, played in two games, starting one, then was designed for assignment on August 6th. He is probably best known for his time with the Mets, playing in 101 of his 133 career MLB games for them in 2011.


  1. Great idea for a custom set, and a really nice example. The RLC logo is a nice touch, too!