Monday 25 July 2016

Massive Man-Cave Upgrade

Not much card related recently other than a big-time upgrade to the card room, the above is a before shot, a couple old desks and stuff randomly piled everywhere, ans this was taken midway through the clean-up so it was actually worse than this.

And this is after picking up a used office desk, the color is nice and it is sturdy as hell, and has tons of binder storage in the top shelves. And look, I finally hung some of the posters than have been in frames leaning against the wall for months. I am still only slightly more organized, but it least it looks like I have things under control.

Tuesday 5 July 2016

2016 Stadium Club - Rockies Custom Card Re-Do

Since rebooting in 2014, Stadium Club has been about the photos, full bleed, gloss stock with high quality photos. But for Rockies fans, it has been kind of boring. Sure we got a nice Todd Helton in 2014 and another winner in 2015 Drew Stubbs, but other than that, pretty much straight forward baseball card photos. So this year I decided to make the set my way, with my pictures, for the most part, while keeping the blatantly ripped off 1997 Fleer design.

The above Trevor Story photo is from opening day and while not a great action photo, it works with what he did on that day. A case where the tale the picture tells is more important than the actually picture.

Sunday 3 July 2016

Archives Sampler

Same days I don't look forward going to the LCS. I know I need supplies and want to support the local guy, but I feel kind of like a douche buying supplies for cards that I obviously didn't buy from him. Not that I don't want to buy from him, but being in Canada it is a hockey focused store and the baseball he does have seems really overpriced too me. So this trip, after passing on the $8.00 packs of Gypsy Queen, I decided to try out some Archives, probably my second favorite yearly set that Topps does. My 3 packs gave me nothing but base and no Rockies (so I borrowed some scans from Zistle), but I did get to rip some wax.

Friday 1 July 2016