Tuesday 26 February 2013

Group Break Loot

I haven't had much luck with group breaks and this one wasn't the lucky winner, a bunch of base and 2 Drew Pomeranz "Chasing the Dream" inserts was all 2 Jumbo Hobby boxes got me. While the boxes of Topps were not kind, Cardboard Collections was, adding a large pile of Rockies to the package. Some nice parallels including an Emerald Pomeranz Bowman Platinum that was at the top of my mental wantlist, an new card for the Iannetta collection and what could be better than a purple bordered Rockies card. The rest of the box was full of Stadium club Rockies, most of which I did not have. Thanks for the break and the extra cards!

Friday 22 February 2013

Trade with Kyle D

A new trade with Kyle D bringing some high priority wants my way.
Edwin Bellorin was need for the "One of Every Rockie" collection and the last catcher I needed. One of the few players with only one card with the Rockies, no other sets, no parallels, no inserts, just this one card. I remember Bellorin for having big numbers in the hitting paradise that is AAA Colorado Springs, then in his first major league at bat in his first major league start, pulled a hamstring running out a grounder and was sent to the disabled list. He did return to the Rockies playing in 8 games, starting 2, from 2007-2009.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

2013 Silver Slugger Mailday

The first 2013 card to arrive in my mailbox, I picked this up off ebay just to check out the hype surrounding these Silver Slugger Manu-relics. These are really nice and really thick. I measure it as 1/4" thick. Topps has done a lot of things right with the 2013 base set, and this is another winner in my eyes.

Friday 15 February 2013

Carlton Fisk Mailday

A couple cards from a recent COMC order, a project that I have been ignoring is trying to get a bat relic card of the top 10 home run hitting catchers. The 1977 Topps Carlton Fisk is one of my favorite cards of all time so when I saw this card from the 2002 Topps Archives Reserve Bat Relics set, I knew I needed it. I also added the 2012 Gypsy Queen jersey relic as part of a larger offer as I am always a sucker for GQ cards.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Another Zistle Trade

One of my goals for 2013 was to trade more and so far it's off to a good start. Another trade with LV's TTM autographs and Baseball Cards through Zistle featuring some of my favorite sets. Starting off with the first tall-boy baseball card to enter my collection, a Howard Johnson 1994 Extra Bases card, I know I bought a bunch of hockey cards this size as a kid so I must have some 6 pocket pages somewhere. Also some Rockies minis and a Yorvit Torrealba who is back with Colorado on a minor league deal. The rest included some 1992 Pinnacle series 2 and 1995 Upper Deck, two sets I love, but have so few of I haven't really thought about finishing them. A 1971 style Ryan Zimmerman and some Gypsy Queen minis, I love the black borders and the Carlos Ruiz is one of my favorite cards of 2012. The whole thing finished off with a lone Redskin, Sultan McCullough who played one game with Washington and I think finished his career in the CFL.

Monday 11 February 2013

RLC Custom Card Project: Omar Olivares

You might wonder why I am doing a custom of a guy that played in 11 games for the Rockies 18 years ago. It kind of ties in with a couple projects, one being having a photo of every player to play a game for the Rockies and another being collecting old Rockies Magazines/programs sold at Coors Field. These magazines have player photos in the back and the most recent one to come my way had a color photo of Omar Olivares with the Rockies, something I had not found anywhere before.

Olivares was signed as a free agent by the Rockies in April of 1995 after spending 5 seasons with the Cardinals. After winning his Rockies debut, pitching 5 scoreless innings against Houston, Olivares struggled finding himself in bull-pen after 6 starts and was selected off waivers by the Phillies in July ending his time with the Rockies.

Note: edited of 3/25/2022 to be including in the RLC Project

Friday 8 February 2013

Acetate Appreciation: 2005 Donruss Studio Stars

More Acetatey goodness with Donruss Studio Stars, Stars was an insert set in the Donruss Studio line, the 2003 edition has already been featured here, the 2005 set consisted of 50 cards and was parallel with Gold, numbered to 500, and Platinum, numbered to 50, with not much difference other than the color of the brand logo in the upper left. This set keeps with the round corner from previous year, buts get away from the credit card style of 2003 and 2004. The entire set is posed shots that was the style of Donruss Studio making it pretty low on my list of favorite sets.

Monday 4 February 2013

Custom Card: 1991 Enor NFL Hall of Fame Dave Robinson

One of the newest members of the Hall of Fame, Dave Robinson is best known for his seasons in Green Bay, but Robinson did end his career with two seasons with the Redskins under Hall of Fame coach George Allen. Robinson did get two cards with Washington including a 1975 Topps card that is among my favorite vintage Redskins cards.

I was always a fan of this set and wish they would bring it back or at least update the new players every year. A very simple classy design that I have wanted to make a custom of for a while and now found an excuse.

Friday 1 February 2013

NFL Zistle Trade

A football themed post for Super Bowl weekend featuring a trade with zistle.com user BengalsFan1. Going his way were all of my Bengals cards, around 50 of so, for some Redskins. Anthony Montgomery has very few cards so this auto checks him off the "One of every Redskin" wantlist. As much as I would love to forget the Rex Grossman era, I needed at least one for the PC, as well as getting my first Pierre Garcon cards. You don't see many cards of o-lineman so the Trent Williams rookie was nice and Chris Horton was a personal favorite who went from NFC Defensive Player of the Week and NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month as a rookie in 2008 to being out of the league in 2011. Finished off by some 2012 Prestige needs including a SP rookie and one baseball card with a 1989 Fleer Ron Hassey, the only player to catch two perfect games.