Tuesday 15 January 2013

Acetate Appreciation: 2003 Studio Stars

Stars was a 50 card insert set from the 2003 Donruss Studio product, with the regular Stars cards inserted at a rate of 1:5 packs, the Gold parallels numbered to 100 and the Platinum parallel numbered to 25. The card is mostly clear and is design to look like credit card with the rounded corners and the strip at the top. With the card being almost all clear there is little room for information and only one stat is listed on each card. The card number is tucked away at the top of the S on the back and is easy to miss. A very simple design and while the credit card look might be a little cheezy, it makes for something different.


  1. Great set. I think I only have the Barry Zito. I've always meant to try to get some more.


  2. Some good deals on these on COMC. I grabbed a Pudge last month...they're just great.