Monday 28 January 2013

1971 Topps Variations: Dick Bosman #60

No Black Line
The main reason for starting this blog was to document as much info on 1971 Topps baseball variations as I could find, but it's been something that I have set to the side recently despite being close to posting all the ones I know of. I usually try to avoid vintage in rough shape, but the Bosman to the right was the only one I could find without the black line on the glove hand side near his head. This is another case of variation vs. print error, it could be either depending on your point of view, either way, it's a good excuse to post a card where the player dots his "i" with a star.

Black Line Beside Hat.
In 1969 Bosman led the American League with a 2.19 ERA, winning 14 games, and would set a career high with 16 wins the next season. In 1974, while pitching for the Indians, Bosman would miss a perfect game by one batter, with the only baserunner reaching on Bosman;s own throwing error.

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  1. A real Dutch name, his ancestors must have come from Holland !