Monday 24 September 2018

I Buy Weird Stuff

Maybe I have too much time on my hands, maybe I am just drawn to weirdness. Juan Rincon never did get a Rockies card for his 28 games with Colorado across the 2009 and 2010 seasons, other than this Venezuelan card that I know nothing about other than it was on eBay, and I bought it. The listing has it as a 2018 card, but I am sure I saw one before this year. The back has no stats or year so I really have no idea how to catalog this. It does look and feel like a card card, although I am not sure if the position "P" is supposed to be "distressed" looking or just a print error.

Friday 21 September 2018


A quick little Sportlots mail-day that is severely lacking a witty title. As with most Sportlots orders there was one card I really wanted, then the rest just filled it out to make shipping worthwhile. The main card was the above Tim Cheveldae, a good Saskatchewan boy and former Saskatoon Blade, I didn't remember him being with the Bruins, probably because he only played two games for them. I know nothing about this release other than it has a playing card back and I assume it's the hockey version of the Showdown MLB and NFL releases. 

Monday 17 September 2018

One Card Mailday (Topps Now Edition)

I have a love-hate relationship with Topps Now, I love the "moment in time" cards, but the price always throws me off, $10 plus shipping to Canada or processing through COMC is a lot for me, so I was mostly limited to picking them on the secondary market. I probably would have done the same with this one, but it came out the same time as the Player's Weekend set, so it shared shipping with that order, and surprisingly the Spring Training code from the Mike Trout came that came out in the spring still worked.

Monday 10 September 2018

RLC Custom Card Project: Matt Nokes

The Player: Maybe not a household name, but a player that put together a pretty solid career, probably best know for hitting 32 home runs as a rookie with the Tigers in 1987, playing in his only All-Star game and being awarded the American League Silver Slugger at Catcher that year. Also played 5 years for the Yankees, catching Jim Abbott's no-hitter in 1993. 1995 would be his last year in the majors, starting with Baltimore and finishing with the Rockies, playing in 10 games with one start.

The Card: 1978 Topps has been a set that I fought with for a while, never really figuring out the font. Eventually Topps would do the work for me with the "On Demand Inspired by '78" set, the first time the Rockies were using in this design. 

Thursday 6 September 2018


A rare PWE trade, only 4 cards, but some stuff I am pretty happy to get. Starting with this 2015 Update J.T. Realmuto. This is his first base Topps cards, but no Rookie Card logo. COMC lists this as his rookie card, but he did have a Panini/Donruss card in 2014 with a RC logo, weird that Topps would acknowledge the Panini rookie and leave the logo off this, makes for an interesting card.