Wednesday 29 March 2017

Cardboard from Japan

One of my favorite e-bay sellers recently listed some Sega Card-Gen Rockies, and I could not resist. Above is currently one of my favorite cards in my collection, a Chris Iannetta base card from 2010.

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Trading with Crazy Joe

A blogger/Tradingcarddb trade with CrazieJoe's Card Corner, starting with a card that I can't believe I didn't have between the 1991 Upper Deck I opened as a kid and the trade over the past years of Earnest Byner. Really cool card, doesn't scan well though.

Saturday 18 March 2017

Canada WBC Customs

So, 0-3, not very good. Canada did really bad losing all three games by a combined score of 21-3. Not much else to say, but whatever, here are some customs in the style of the Freddie Freeman from a few days ago. George Kottaras, he's a catcher, so he gets a custom.

Thursday 16 March 2017

Contest Pimp

A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts (fantastic name) is having a contest, if you don't already, go over there and follow his blog, or add it to your reading list, or however that works.

Sunday 12 March 2017

Why Freddie Freeman (and the WBC) is Awesome

I might be in the minority, but I really like the World Baseball Classic. The eligibility stuff is kind of weird, but it allows teams to be more competitive, and it allows things like Freddie Freeman, born in the States, to play for Canada to honour his Mother, which is awesome.

Sunday 5 March 2017

Zistle Trade #72

Everyone once in while I remember a set, or team set, that I really need to finish, 2009 O-Pee-Chee black border fit in that category. I am always a sucker for black borders and somehow the powder blue works well with the Rockies purple.