Thursday 29 April 2021

Football Frankenset - April 2021

The scan folder is full enough to post while watching the NFL draft, so here we go.

002 -  2008 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives - Ryan Clady
I really wanted a card featuring the blue turf of Boise State, so here it is. Clady also had a pretty damn good career, 100+ games played, 4x Pro Bowl, 3x All-Pro, 2x 1st team All-Pro and a Super Bowl ring.

008 - 2011 Topps - Blair White
White didn't have much of a career, but at least he got a great photo on his 2011 Card.

018 - 2002 Score - Randall Cunningham
Randall Cunningham had a really weird career, from a star with the Eagles, followed by injuries, retirement, a comeback with the Vikings, going 15-1 and being named All Pro, to backup in Dallas and finally, one season as a backup in Baltimore.

037 - 2007 JOGO - Kelly Bates
A beauty of a Grey Cup celebration, with a bonus for a local guy who I have met a couple times.

 129 - 2011 Topps - Lawrence Timmons
Another from 2011 Topps, this time a sweet throwback with a bonus "Defensive player with ball" shot.

218 - 1999 Score - Rich Gannon
Always weird to see a guy taking a beat down on his own card.

256 - 1993 Playoff - Seth Joyner
This may be one of my favorite base cards of all-time, special teams shots just have so much going on, love it.

262 - 1997 Score - Dale Carter
I don't notice seeing this much anymore, but the mid 90's had a real helmet on backwards thing going on. Also just noticing how grossly off-center this card is.

325 - 1993 Skybox Impact - Anthony Munoz
Not much going on here other than a Hall of Fame lineman? That is, until you notice the Bucs logo in the corner from a short lived comeback attempt, that I didn't either didn't know about or remember until seeing this card recently.

551 - 1991 Pacific - Brett Favre
There is just something fascinating about Brett Favre in a Falcons uni, so until something better at number 551 comes along, here we are.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Retro Team Collecting Trade

A couple things I know about myself as a collector, I am team collector, and I don't really like vintage. As a Rockies collector, that is fine, 1993 is as far back as you have to go, but as a Redskins collector, you can go back to 1932 for a couple, starting at 1948 for real team sets. That is why I love this set. 1994 Topps Archives includes both the complete 1956 & 1957 sets, the first two NFL Topps sets, along with gold parallels of all the card. Where else is an obsessive team collector going to pick up a modern card of Leon Heath?

Thursday 8 April 2021

TCDB Trade #100

I honestly don't keep track of these things, but looking at completed transactions, I now have 100 on TCDB. A site a be-grudgingly joined after the death (heartless murder) of Zistle has become a pretty big part of my hobby-ing. Fittingly trade 100 is a pretty big one, with some stuff I am pretty excited about, starting with the last 2 Redskins for need for the 1990 Fleer Update team set. I have mentioned before this is the first football set I remember opening packs of (I pulled a Jeff George rookie) so it has sentimental value. I also just like the design with the strong team color.