Tuesday 20 April 2021

Retro Team Collecting Trade

A couple things I know about myself as a collector, I am team collector, and I don't really like vintage. As a Rockies collector, that is fine, 1993 is as far back as you have to go, but as a Redskins collector, you can go back to 1932 for a couple, starting at 1948 for real team sets. That is why I love this set. 1994 Topps Archives includes both the complete 1956 & 1957 sets, the first two NFL Topps sets, along with gold parallels of all the card. Where else is an obsessive team collector going to pick up a modern card of Leon Heath?

Two more for to complete the team set, I actually have the original Atkeson, but now I have a clean one for the binder. Also the originals are bigger than modern cards, so they wouldn't fit in the binder anyway.

Also the last three I needed for the 1957 version, these are all new "One of Every Redskins" cards.

I have professed my love for 1996 SP baseball, the football version spices it up a bit, loosing the wood border and adding team colors. I honestly have a hard time believing there are still Michael Westbrook cards on my want list. These three at least finish this team set.

More 90's Redskins with a shiny James Washington, and an Acetate Heath Shuler (I honestly have a hard time believing there are still Heath Shuler cards on my want list.)

And the lone Rockies, the baseball version of Archives, another brand I love, partly to see Rockies on pre-1993 cards, and for the action shots that Heritage is sorely lacking.

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