Monday 10 February 2020

Team Collector Dilemma (Read the Fine Print)

One card mail-day from late night browsing for cheap cards for Canadian sellers on everyone's favorite online auction site lead to this. Joe Colborne never did play a regular season NHL game for the the Bruins, but being a 16th overall pick did get him a few cards. I thought this Manu-Patch auto was slightly better than a sticker auto, but upon receiving and scanning something caught my eye.

So despite a Bruins Jersey, a Bruins hat, and printed Bruins Logo and a Manu-Patch of a Bruins logo, this little added text sneaks in there to as the ultimate frustration for a team collector. What to do now? Try and ignore that cursed little all-caps blurb "TRADE TO MAPLE LEAFS" and call it a Bruins card? That won't happen, it's there. I know it's there. I will whisper to me in the night "I am not a Bruins card". So Joe Colborne, from "needed" to "in-transit" to "have", back to "needed". The team collectors dilemma.

Friday 7 February 2020

15 from 4 w/ Frankenset Goodness

15 Cards from 4 Sportlots packages starting with 3 for the "One of Every Bruins" project that is not a high priority but seems to be growing, tough guy Colton Orr, short term stop Sergei Gonchar in a Winnie the Pooh uni and Alexei Zhamnov with a short term stop / sunset card.