Monday 27 February 2017

Small Sportlots Order

As always Sportlots is my source for had to find weird singles and parallels. How about a 1996 Stadium Club Silver parallel of Trenidad Hubbard for weird. My Trenidad Hubbard Rockies super collection is coming along fairly well.

Saturday 18 February 2017

Care Package from the Dollar Store

Cleaning up a stack of cards that have been screaming to be scanned, sorted, posted and added to the collection from Sportcards from the Dollar Store. Starting with my favorite, a sweet retro shot of Pete Peeters. I really like the early 1980s goalies on modern cards along with Tuukka Rask with slightly better gear and a Bruins 90th Anniversary patch.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

At War with Sticker Autos

I am old, I like to complain, but this time, I think I have a reason to. Look at the card above, just bask in the glory of the 1987 wood border. Now notice the auto, or rather notice the sticker. Now try to not notice the sticker. You can't, once you see, it ruins the card. Gross, I was pumped for the 1987 style cards, and the base inserts are nice, the stickers ruin it. I know the whole set is not stickers, but the ones that are, are bad.