Wednesday 15 September 2021

Hey, I posted something. (Its a trade package)


Summer is a very busy time around here and looking back there were a lot of things I got that I never posted, mostly because I let them pile up to an unmanageable point, then put things away without scanning. So for everyone that sent something that I didn't post, it is always much appreciated and just due to my own negligence. That aside, here is a post. Starting with some sticker from Panini back in the day. I don't usually do stickers, but we have Marty Howe who never got a real Bruins card and a new Neely, so both were wanted.

Monday 6 September 2021

5 from Sportlots

I don't peruse Sportlots very often, but once in a while, I find something I want to cross off my list bad enough and that is usually where I end up. Sportlots continues to be very good at what they are good at, weird hard to find cards at reason prices, and bad at what (I feel like anyway) they are very bad at. That being filling out a large order, this might be something easier for set collectors, but as a team collector, I struggle. The above Sandy Alomar didn't come with that problem as the shipping rates went from $2.00 for a single to $16 for 2-4. So for $2.75 I picked up a refactor of a Short Term Stop for the catcher binder.