Monday 28 October 2019

Creating my structure now I shall reign in 2014 Topps Parallels

A trade with $30 a week habit, sending some older hockey to their new home in Florida in return for some newer hockey, starting with a great Rask card, sporting an alternate jersey in an anthem shot, a new Cam Neely that I was shocked I didn't already have, and a parallel of another Cam, this one not quite as accomplished. 

Thursday 17 October 2019

Note to self: Group Breaks are a huge waste of money and I am dumb for buying into them.

The title pretty much sums it up. Nothing against breakers, if you can make a job out of opening cards and take all time to sort, package and ship, great, I admire that, but as a buyer it is a huge gamble, and huge gambles usually turn out to be a huge waste. Every break I have entered has been this way and this was no exception. This time the allure of 2019 Upper Deck Artifacts was too strong, tempted by a checklist with Pastrnak autos (which I don't think even exist), Aurums in Red & Gold as well as the usual Bruins big hits in Saint Robert and Saint Patrice. No such luck. A 10 box case produced 4 Bruins cards with the above probably being the best, a non-numbered, regular relic of Tuukka Rask. Even though the card says "Lord Stanley's Legacy Relics" there is no mention of this being using in the Cup final (it probably wasn't), and if it was, it was one in which the Bruins lost, so, yay.