Tuesday 31 January 2017

Another Small Zistle trade

The vultures may be circling, but there are still a few stubborn traders left, and I managed to find one. Highlight card is this Seth Smith 2009 OPC Black parallel. These just look so sharp, simple design, nice black borders and for some reason the light blue goes with the Rockies purple.

Sunday 15 January 2017

2016 Black Friday Redskins

My excitement in posting Redskins cards is not that high with their season over, but they honestly would not have won a playoff game anyway. Also disappointing is that the totally inept, completely confused and in WAY over his head Jay Gruden will be back despite not getting him team ready for big games, having zero clue in regards to clock management, questionable play calling, especially in the red-zone.

In my search for Fleer Brilliants parallel, I stumbled across the above Trent Green and pulled the trigger, I feel like even though I paid more than I would have like for a single card, I still got a good deal. Green had a very weird career, drafted by the Chargers in 1993, went to the CFL in 1994, signed with the Redskins in 1995 and served as the third stringer behind Gus Frerotte and Heath Shuler before getting to play in 1998, throwing for over 3000 yards and 23 touchdown, then signing a big deal with the Rams, who trade him to the Chiefs the next year, where he would made to Pro-Bowls.

Sunday 8 January 2017

First Major Acquisition of 2017

I thought I was falling behind in my hobbies for a while, at least now I have an reason. That reasons name is Polly and she was born on Jan 2nd this year. So if there is an extra long quiet period here, I am probably not dead, just changing poopy diapers.