Tuesday 31 January 2017

Another Small Zistle trade

The vultures may be circling, but there are still a few stubborn traders left, and I managed to find one. Highlight card is this Seth Smith 2009 OPC Black parallel. These just look so sharp, simple design, nice black borders and for some reason the light blue goes with the Rockies purple.

I had never heard of Donruss Estrellas before, kind of a neat set with everything in Spanish.

A rare Team Canada WBC card, I hope with the tourney coming up this spring that Topps something more than they did the last time.

Jeris White was a member of the XVII Super Bowl Redskins, then held out to start the 1983 opening the door for a rookie named Darrell Green to play. Probably not the best move by Mr. White.

and some help on a set I feel like I have been build forever (or at least since 2012), Prestige Football, I can't believe I haven't even completed the Redskins team set yet. 

Thanks for the trade!

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