Saturday 18 March 2017

Canada WBC Customs

So, 0-3, not very good. Canada did really bad losing all three games by a combined score of 21-3. Not much else to say, but whatever, here are some customs in the style of the Freddie Freeman from a few days ago. George Kottaras, he's a catcher, so he gets a custom.

Ryan Dempster went 0-2 with and ERA of 27.00, yikes.

Pete Orr has playing in all 4 WBC tourney's and is tied with Justin Morneau with 11 games played.

Andrew Albers is the career leading in innings pitched for Canada with 12 2/3 and tied for the lead in wins with 1. Also a good Saskie.


  1. Good job on the customs. I guess my boy Dempster hasn't been much help. maybe at this point he should stick to comedy.

  2. Yes, the customs are fantastic!