Tuesday 21 March 2017

Trading with Crazy Joe

A blogger/Tradingcarddb trade with CrazieJoe's Card Corner, starting with a card that I can't believe I didn't have between the 1991 Upper Deck I opened as a kid and the trade over the past years of Earnest Byner. Really cool card, doesn't scan well though.

Chris Cooley, fan favorite turned Washington radio host, probably the closest thing to a favorite player after Sean Taylor.

Hey, remember that time the Redskins traded a couple draft picks for a back-up fullback and then gave him 38 carries all year, I do, and now T.J. Duckett will forever be remember in my Redskins box.

I assure you these are different cards, one is the hobby and one is the retail. I think these are my first Jason Williams cards with the Heat, stay tuned for more basketball content here soon.

More J-Will content, with a really cool photo on the Fleer Ultra

What would a trade between two Canadians be without some hockey content, closing out with a Thomas Greiss for my Sharks goalie collection.
Thanks for the trade!

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