Friday 1 April 2022

RLC Custom Card Project: Jacob Cruz

Did you know 12 different players patrolled left field for the Rockies in 2001. If you did, you probably knew one of them was Jacob Cruz. Cruz was traded to the Rockies in June of 2001 for Josh Bard & Jody Gerut, both of which would have solid MLB careers. He would go on the play 44 games for Colorado, hitting a pretty bad .211 and eventually loosing playing time when the Rockies traded for Alex Ochoa in July, then would be released in November.

Debuted in the MLB in 1996 with the Giants, but is probably best know for this last two MLB seasons in 2004 & 2005 playing in 206 games with the Reds over those two seasons.

1992 Pinnacle is one of my favorite all-time designs, the RLC logo looked weird where the Pinnacle logo was, so I moved it down, but now it looks weird with that spot empty, but I am newly commited to posting these things, so here it is.

Link to Project

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