Wednesday 27 April 2022

Football Frankenset - April 2022

#014 - 2003 UD Honor Roll - Chad Hutchinson

Two sport athletes are a must to include somewhere, Hutchinson played in 15 NFL games between the Cowboys & Bears as well as 3 games with the Cardinals of the MLB.

#109 - 2001 Pacific - Doug Pederson

Snow game photo of journey-man back-up turned Super Bowl winning coach. My favorite might be the back which says "helped bring the Lombardi Trophy home to Green Bay for the 1996 season", then under stats for that year says "Did Not Play", so he didn't really help that much.

#125 - 2003 Upper Deck - Isaac Bruce

Not sure which way to put this one in the binder...

#180 - 2017 Score - Charles Clay

Let us all bask in the all-red glow of the Color Rush era.

#260 - 1992 Pro Set - Steve Walsh

Really cool photo choice from 1992 Pro Set, a set that surprisingly makes a couple appearances.

#310 - 1990 Fleer - Jim McMahon

I have become obsessed with the post-Bears career of Jim McMahon. I also like 1990 Fleer way more than anyone should.

#347 - 1995 Topps - Henry Ellard

Great throwbacks from the days before Dan Snyder totally destroyed this franchise.

#355 - 2001 Pacific - Az-Zahir Hakim

I'm all in on guys hurdling other guys on football cards

#363 - 1992 Pro Set - Dallas Cowboys

This is listed as a Cowboys card, but it is here for "Chief Zee" Zema Williams, who has a place in every Redskins fans heart.

#366 - 1993 Stadium Club - Lin Elliott

Kicker action shot. ACTION!

#449 - 1995 Topps - Barry Foster

After 5 seasons with the Steelers, including rushing for 1,690 yards in 1992, Foster was traded to the Panthers but was cut before playing a game with then and retired shortly after.

#658 - 1993 Topps - Hugh Millen

Millen is probably best know for his two seasons with the Patriots where he started 20 games, he was signed by the Cowboys for the 1993 season as insurance for an injured Troy Aikman, but was not needed as was released with playing a snap for Dallas.


  1. That Isaac Bruce is fantastic!

  2. Once again, your Frankenset posts are great. I love that Steve Walsh. You should put Bruce in upside-down, so his head is up and the player in the background (Keyshawn Johnson?) is just hanging by his feet.