Monday 4 July 2022

Football Frankenset - July 2022

036 - 2012 Panini Gridiron - Julius Peppers

If you have seen any of these post, you know there will be steaming hot special teams action, this card delivers in a big way.

062 - 2015 Prizm - Trent Richardson

Zero year as part of a bizarre career, also had zero year potential with the Ravens, but never got a card with them. Probably the only player to play pro football in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A.

064 - 2015 Rookies & Stars - Jay Cutler

Smokin' Jay Cutler sporting a sweet throwback.

075 - 1996 Pinnacle - Yancey Thigpen

Full extension by a man named Yancey!

097 - 2008 UD First Edition - Jeremy Shockey

Shockey sporting the Giants red alternates worn from 2004-2007.

103 - 2007 Upper Deck - Ryan Longwell

Easy pick with a Kicker doing non-kicker things.

108 - 2012 Gridiron - Jared Allen

Back-to-back Vikings with a rare helmet-less in-game photo and a Tim Tebow cameo.

324 - 1999 Topps - Jerris McPhail

Zero year, former Lion & Dolphin who was picked in the Browns expansion draft, but never made the team.

346 - 1996 Pacific - Mark McMillian

More steaming hot special teams action. (How many posts have you seen with multiple cards of guys trying to block kicks?)

435 - 2012 Topps - David Garrard

After 9 seasons in Jacksonville, Garrard signed with the Dolphins, but injures ended his career before he could play with them.


  1. That Yancey is sweet! I wonder if he held onto the ball.

  2. Do you have any open numbers in your football frankenset? Might be fun to try to fill some in.

    1. It's pretty full, but I only post the cards I have, I keep the master list here