Friday, 19 February 2021

Football Frankenset - Feb 2021


039 - 1995 Score - Ron Moore
Is it a Jets card or a Cardinals card, either way it is a rare photo of the Cardinals white version of the 1994 throwback unis. I am totally a fan of the small front number in the upper right.

063 - 1995 Upper Deck - Ethan Horton
More 1994 throwbacks, lots of Redskins, lots of 1995 Upper Deck, get used to it.

117 - 2003 Upper Deck - Champ Bailey
Keeping with the throwback Skins theme, this time from 2002, the beloved "spear helmet" throwbacks that I would love to see make a comeback at some point.

126 - 1991 Pro Set - Bill Belichick
I miss coach cards, also a jacket so sweet he couldn't stand to cut the sleeves off.

144 - 1988 Topps - Brian Bosworth
"The Boz", a lot of hype and not a lot of production from the Super Rookie, partly in thanks Bo Jackson knowing a thing or two about running over linebackers.

278 - 1990 Fleer - Lomas Brown
I think the first pack of football cards I ever opened was from 1990 Fleer, so I have a soft spot for it. Also a great O-Lineman card with the tinted visor (zip tie sighting) and the crazy plastic facemask.

311 - 1991 Pacific - Greg McMurtry
I really, really love great special teams photo like this one.

354 - 1989 Pro Set - Rod Woodson
Rookie card of a Hall of Famer, for no reason other than I like Rod Woodson and I like Pro Set. Potential defensive player with the ball card, put he returned a lot of kick in his day, so it's kind of cheating.

374 - 2003 Upper Deck MVP - Taylor Jacobs
A pre-color rush rarity, the Redskins never wore the All-Ketchup getup until 2008, this was just an oddity from a rookie photo-shoot.

486 - 1991 Score - Dean Biasucci
1991 Score is another low-key great set from the junkiest of junk wax era. Triple exposure shot of a kicker, sign me up.


  1. Wowza. McMurtry has mad hops. And lovin' Bill's satin Starter jacket. All the cool kids had them in high school.

  2. I believe that's also Belichick's "rookie card." 1995 id one of my favorite years of cards, in large part due to the 1994 throwbacks.