Thursday 8 April 2021

TCDB Trade #100

I honestly don't keep track of these things, but looking at completed transactions, I now have 100 on TCDB. A site a be-grudgingly joined after the death (heartless murder) of Zistle has become a pretty big part of my hobby-ing. Fittingly trade 100 is a pretty big one, with some stuff I am pretty excited about, starting with the last 2 Redskins for need for the 1990 Fleer Update team set. I have mentioned before this is the first football set I remember opening packs of (I pulled a Jeff George rookie) so it has sentimental value. I also just like the design with the strong team color.

Stick with the Redskins, a rare shot of the white throwbacks on a sweet Zenith card, Brian Mitchell pretending to be Terry Allen and Jeff Hostetler with his sunset 6 game stint in Washington.

I have no recollection of Mike Cerimele, but his name is now checked off the "One of Every Redskins" checklist, along with a beauty from the Monsters of the Gridiron set.

I don't collect a lot of non-Redskins, but these guys are two I do.

Two Super Bowl champs whose careers both faded incredibly fast and ended up on weird teams.

Short prints for a set build that is creeping up on ten years now.

Speaking of set builds, a few more 2018 Queens to check off

and some Rockies including Kyle Freeland's second time being card number 666 in a set.

and some 2020 Topps of former Rockies, including a Zero Year of Chris Iannetta and former-former Rockie Jhoulys Chacin.

Might not seem like a hug trade, but some nice stuff and a nice little stack of soon to be post Football Frankenset cards!

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