Tuesday 25 January 2022

Check out the Rest (Jan-2022)

I am ridiculously far behind on posting stuff, but I refuse to let this little thing I do die, so here is the rest of the COMC package I received like 2 weeks ago. One of my top 5 pick-ups of 2021, Sandy Alomar, Jr. has been in a ton of these Topps Archives Buyback releases, but I finally spotted one that featured one of his few Rockies cards. I paid $20 for this serial number 3/4 and was very happy to do so.

From "The Set I will Never Finish", one more 2011 Gypsy Queen photo variation, bringing me to 37/100.

From a set that is very much in range, but I have been dragging my ass on for 10 years now, these Luck rookies really dropped in price after his retirement, but now Russell Wilson has jumped.

A couple Bruins, the Neely is a die-cut parallel, the Marchand is an acetate featuring The Cup and Michael Hutchinson was a need for "One of Every Bruins".

Speaking of good catchers with short Rockies careers, Jonathan Lucroy from his 46 game Rockies career (and about the only way I will buy anything from Topps Gallery) , Kevin Nicholson from some Arizona Fall League set that TCDB calls a Rockies card, so I must have it, and the Vinny is just a super shiny, color-blasting Refractor that actually scanned as nice as it looks in hand.

Some Gypsy Queen short prints, including the last 3 I needed from 2017, completing that set, also a rare Expos sighting.

I love the original ENOR Hall of Fame set, but these are from the 1995 update that added cards 161-180 and are harder to find than the 1992 release, if I see them cheap enough, I will scoop them up.

A couple more from the 1995 update to finish off the post. 


  1. The Al Davis and Bill Walsh cards are sweet! Need to add those to my Bay Area PC.

  2. Really wasn't that long ago but I totally forgot about Jonathan Lucroy.