Wednesday 6 June 2012

Michael Ryder: Bruins Stanley Cup Auto

2011-2012 Upper Deck Signature Sensations Michael Ryder autograph. I paid a little more for this on eBay than I would have liked, but its the first Ryder Bruins auto I have seen since starting this project. It does say Stars on the front, but it doesn't have a team logo and he's in a Bruins jersey so it's close enough for me. Ryder's Bruins career was pretty up and down other than the 2011 Stanley Cup run, he scored 8 goals with 17 points in the playoffs, with two game winnings including an overtime winner against his old team Montreal. He also scored 3 goals in the 7 game final against the Canucks. The Bruins were ultimately unable to replace the offense provided by Ryder and the injured Nathan Horton leading to an early exit this spring.

This puts me at 6 for 22 in autos for Bruins who are named on the Stanley Cup for the 2011 Championship.

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