Monday 26 November 2012

Canada Post, Why You Do This?

 The minute I opened the Post Office box I knew that something was wrong. I saw a plastic bag with a stack of cards in it much bigger than anything I was expecting. Upon returning to work I was quite shocked to see that what was inside the package was surprisingly intact, but was not at all what I had ordered. Instead of the single Jeff Francis 2008 Topps Finest Black card I ordered from the seller, I had received a pack of playing cards with people I have never seen before on it. It looks like some custom made thing for a gift of some sort.

I am sort of lost at what to do here, it is obvious by the size of the envelope that the seller/shipper did not sent me what arrived and that it was damaged and switched at some sorting facility along the way. The envelope even has "FRAGILE - DO NOT BEND" stamped on it. It's not really the sellers fault so starting a dispute on ebay seems a little pointless. I have received many cards shipped in an top loader inside an envelope and never had any problems and with a letter rate package there is no way to know where this happened and were my card ended up, so do I just eat it (it was only $5.59) and count it is crappy lucky or should I contact the seller and see what he says. After years of mailorder I have been lucky as my only other issue was a broken Sort Vokter record, but that was largely due to terrible packaging so maybe I was just due for something to happen.


  1. UGH I hate those post office "body bags". If I understand what you are saying correctly the seller shipped the wrong stuff? (or some postal worker switched package contents?)

    I would try contacting the seller and describe what was in the package "custom playing cards?". and see what he says. If it was a case of him absentmindedly switching stuff he could at least ask you to ship it back and get a refund from him. You would be out your Black Jeff Francis card *sigh*.

    Best case scenario is that the other recipient contacted the seller saying "Hey you sent me only one card and it was the wrong thing". What The?

    At any rate it sounds like you are out the card you wanted.

    1. I am pretty sure the seller shipped the right card and the contents got switched by a postal employee in sorting.