Monday 25 August 2014

Last of the Denver Loot.

Along with catching a few Rockies games while in Denver, I managed to find my way down to Bill's Sports Collectibles, and picked up a few things. The big score for me was a couple Rockies magazines, these are full of photos of old obscure Rockies that make for some good custom card material. With some time to kill I dug through a few boxes of 10 cards for $20 and while probably overpaying at $2.00, it was fun to spend some time in a big store dedicated to something other than hockey.

Some rookie cards for the catcher collection

A couple XRC (remember when that was thing?) that were probably too expensive when I was a kid and are now overpays at 2 bucks.

a Ramon Hernandez bat card, how many cards does it take to be a Ramon Hernandez super-collector?

A dual relic numbered to 100 for $2.00, sure, why not?

The new oldest card in my collection, a 1950 Bowman Mickey Owen, there is some paper loss in the bottom right corner, but it's a pretty cool addition to the catcher collection.

the second oldest card in my collection, sitting with 9 cards in my pile, this was the first to catch my eye to make ten, not in great shape, but a pretty cool card.


  1. I like that store, but I think the card prices are REALLY high. I had just digging through some boxes, but they need to rethink some of the cards marked at a buck or 2 bucks.

  2. I just recently added that '86 Bo to my own collection. Great card.