Tuesday 10 February 2015

Breaking the Seal on 2015 Topps

This weekend looks like the soonest that I will physically get my hands on any 2015 Topps, but I have started with a few saved searches and made one purchase so far. I really can't explain why I am drawn to more obscure players, but the only player I really wanted to collect out of 2015 Topps was Tommy Kahnle. When one of his acetate cards popped up with a reasonable "buy it now" price, I couldn't pass it up.

A Rule V pick-up from the Yankees, Kahnle stuck with the Rockies all season and lead the team with 68 2/3 innings out of the bull-pen, and had a 2.62 ERA from from April until the end of July before a few roughs outing and a trip to DL left him with a 4.19 mark on the year.

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