Wednesday 11 March 2015

A "Highly Subjective" Trade

Sometimes you never what you are are going to get in trade package, this trade with "Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary" was one of them. Starting with the Canseco above, of a the very few cards showing a position player pitching, and one of the more famous incidents with Jose wrecking his arm throwing knuckleballs.

One of my new favorite acetate cards, a Kenny Lofton from 1996 Leaf Studio Stained Glass Stars, an absolute gorgeous card. 

a Joe Mauer 1971 style mini from 2013 Topps Update, still a ways to go on that set
I feel 1995 Upper Deck is a seriously underrated set design-wise, so many great photos like this McGwire sporting the throwback.
Jason Heyward from this years flagship for the face-protection mini-collection.
my first Griffey with the White Sox, seeing him in a Reds jersey is weird enough, but with Chicago is just plain bizarre.

Some additions to the catcher collection, Jesus Flores with a nice painted hockey style mask and an extreme close-up of Sandy Alomar, Jr.

as always some Rockies, including my 41st different Drew Pomeranz

There was the familiar wood grained border showing in the pile, but to my surprise it was OPC and not Topps, with Jody Davis looking like a confused Conan O'Brien and Steve Yeager with the best Mariners logo in their history.

and the biggest surprise, some 1991 All-World CFL, the junkiest of Canadian junk wax, and I almost missed that these were no ordinary 1991 AW until I noticed the "EntraƮneur" where "Coach" usually is, these were the French version. Thanks for the great trade and I hope to do it again.


  1. Oh man, I didn't realize there was a French version of CFL, I thought they were all like that! I actually got those in the early 90s, I bought packs. I wonder if there's an unopened one still floating around at my Dad's house...
    I had just completed two other trades with Rockies fans, so I'm really glad I was still able to find some things from your wantlist!

  2. I must find a copy of that Canseco.