Thursday 16 April 2015

Junior Junkie PWE

These cards have been laying around for a bit as I am hugely behind on scanning, but here they are are finally. A nice PWE from The Junior Junkie highlighted with a couple Charlie Blackmon, including an auto from last years Stadium club, and while I don't collect Heritage, this Blackmon beard shot was on my wantlist.
More Rockies with a Neifi Perez sighting, and my first Keith Ramsey card crossing that name off the Zero-year prospects list and a partly acetate from when Pacific was putting clear windows in cards.
A couple Elite Extra Edition with Forrest Wall, a prospect I am pretty high on.

finished off with a card I already had, but one of my favorite "Junk" era cards, 1991 Score Dream Team on Benny Santiago. Thanks for the cards and expect a return package soon.


  1. Nice!

    Out of curiosity - if a person were to mail a PWE to Canada from the U.S., how many US Stamps should be on that envelope? Is 2 enough?

    1. Not sure, he used a Global Forever stamp on this one.