Monday 28 September 2015

A Football trade in Football Season

My second straight football focused trade, again mostly Redskins, starting off with one of my favorite players, Brad Edwards, from one of my favorite sets, 1992 Pinnacle. As much as I like the 1992 design, I was really lacking in the football output from that year.
More 1992 Pinnacle with members of the last Super Bowl winning team, and the last good kicker the Redskins had in Chip Lohmiller.
The often injured Jim Lachey who might have been a Hall of Fame candidate with a healthy career, and two guys I have never heard of, Matt Elliott who started 2 games for the Redskins and Chris Hakel who has taken as many regular season NFL snaps as I have.
 A few new Art Monk cards to my largely ignored and should be much larger Monk collection.
 Even more Super Bowl Redskins with a set that is pretty underrated, Pro Set's version of Stadium Club, the full bleed Pro Set Platinum.
Two more guys I don't remember, Rick Hamilton and the rookie card, and only card of 2x Super Bowl Champ Clarence Vaughn.
It's always nice to add a new Sean Taylor card.
Of all the 1991 Pro Set that I opened in my life, I never pulled either of these cards, Eric Turner was another childhood favorite and who wouldn't want a Hall of Fame card of a Norwegian placekicker.

The last of the football, 3 cards I though I needed for my 1991 All-World set, but when I flipped them over, they were the french version, making these all doubles. Oddly enough I never even knew there was a french version until about a year ago, and this is the third package from the States that has had french CFL cards.

The lone baseball card is one that should be in every collection, Frankenset favorite, Oscar Azocar.

and lastly a random Manon Rheaume, her cards were pretty valuable for a while, until Classic saturated the market by putting about 10 of her cards in every set.

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