Sunday 4 October 2015

Recent Rockies Additions

Another "clean out the scan folder" post loaded up with Rockies that I have picked up over the last who know how long. Starting with my favorite of the bunch, David Dahl. One thing Bowman Platinum did right is parallels. Not just different color borders, but changing the whole background, and the camo parallels are the nicest of the bunch. Topps is lacking big-time in this, while Panini is doing it fairly well in the Prizm line.
More Platinum and more orange, I added a few more Jon Gray cards before he made him MLB debut. He only got 9 starts this year, and his numbers are pretty ugly, but still an exciting prospect for a pitching starved team.

Who wouldn't love this card, fantastic photo of Drew Stubbs getting drenched. I managed to track down the Member's Only parallel of this, while it isn't numbered, I read Topps announced they are limited to 7 copies so this is nice to have. This card is even more special because this was taken after walking off the Reds in game 1 of a Doubleheader on Todd Helton's number retirement weekend, I was lucky enough to be at both games and see this in person.
No surprise there was some Gypsy Queen, a couple mini parallels with a black Cuddyer and a silver Rosario.
My first auto of Jeff Francis, surprising it took this long to add a Francis auto to the collection. This is a nice on-card auto of the Rockies game one starter in the 2007 World Series and current Toronto Blue Jay.

Another member of the 2007 World Series team, like Francis, Corpas had his best year in 2007, saving 19 games in the regular season and adding 5 more in the playoffs. 

Even more 2007 nostalgia, Spilborghs played in all 4 World Series games in 2007, starting 3 of them, but will be remember by Rockies fans for his walk-off grand slam in 2009.

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