Thursday 22 October 2015

2x3 PWE

A rare PWE makes it way across the border via Jeff at 2x3 Heroes. I am always happy to add some new Ben Petricks to the Rockies catcher collection, but this card blew my mind. 2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Stars of the System is the craziest refractory card I own, it's actually hard to look at it, it kind of gives my vertigo looking at, I love it. I kind of want to get 8 more and just fill a page with them.

More Petricks, slighty more tamed down with a Upper Deck vintage, and a still shiny and horribly scanned Topps Gold Label card from the 2001 Fusion set.

A "Raining Blood" parallel of World Series bound Michael Cuddyer, as I have said before, I really like these parallels, even if they don't work with the Rockies purple tops.

I so wanted Ian Stewart to be good, he had all the talent in the world it seemed, while I would like to remember him for his 25 home runs in 2009, I will probably remember him for his unbelievably terrible 2011. Seriously look at his game log for that season, at one point he was 3-50 with a .060 batting average.

Finished off by a Goudey relic of Matt Holliday, my first jersey card of his.
 Thanks for the great cards and expect a return package shortly!

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