Tuesday 3 November 2015

Retro-ish PWE

I am seriously behind on posting things here, this PWE came from Doug over at Buckstore Cards and has been on the "to scan" pile for far too long. The bulk of it was 2015 Minors Heritage, with a new Jon Gray card and my first of the Rockies new AAA affiliate Albuquerque Isotopes. The thing I love about this set every year that regular Heritage is lacking is the action shots, I get that the old style sets lacked in game photos, but I still find posed shots in 2015 to be a waste of time.

 More Rockies farm teams including the Modesto Nuts, my new favorite team name now that the Casper Ghosts are not around.

Some MLB throwbacks from 2015 Arichives, the Arenado on the 1976 design with the cool Third Baseman icon, and Tulo from the 1983. The cool thing about cheering for an expansion team is to see how these cards from before the team existed turn out, both oddly with a crazy bright bluey tealy color.

A card I have always wanted, but never made it to my wantlist, just a weird little card but there are very few cardboard references to game 163, Rocktober or 21 wins in 22 games, so this is a welcome addition. (The answer is Kaz Matsui by the way...)

Finished off with some Redskins, a couple Trent Murphy rookie cards and the hopefully returning soon guy that played about one snap so far the season in DeSean Jackson. Thanks for the cards and expect a return shortly!

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