Monday 9 November 2015

2015 UD CFL Box Break and Review

This is the second year of Upper Deck CFL license, and just like last year I picked up a box. (Link the the 2014 box break here). Very similar to last year, the main set is made up of 100 base cards, all offensive players. The next 50 are defensive short prints, last year they were 1 per pack, are now 1:2 packs. The new additions is All-Stars (151-175) at 1:4 packs pushing the rookies back to cards 176-200 at 1:4 packs as well. Relics stay at 2 per box with the patch parallels numbered out of 15. The big jump is in autographs, while 2014 only had 6 autographs in the set, 2015 has 86 in the base autograph variations, and 10 more in the CFL Marks set. OPC retro, Grey Cup moments and Team Logo patches are all back from 2014 as well. The only thing that disappointed me was the the box was $94, while I am sure last year the were $75. $100 after tax is pretty steep for what you are getting here.

Starting with some base, a bit more of a border than last year but still the photo is the star of the card, something Upper Deck has always been good at. The team colors in the border are a nice touch. With an eight team league and 100 card of offensive players there some weird player selection, like have 19 quarterbacks in the base set, not counting the rookies. Above you see the three Roughrider QBs, not very often a team set has three quarterbacks in it.

Along with 3rd string quarterbacks, we get O-Lineman, I miss cards of lineman and with down the line shots like these, you get pretty nice cards. One box gave me a complete 100 card set with 11 dups.

One of the reasons for so many quarterbacks are that kickers are moved in the 101-150 short print set, and yes, this is the second year in a row I scanned Swayze Waters to show off. I pulled 12, at 1:2 packs odds, right on the money.

All-Stars are the new addition to the short print part of the set. Looks like I got the Swayze Waters hot box, both of his short prints, and a former Redskin in Brandon Banks. I pulled 6, at 1:4 packs, just as advertised.

Just like the All-Stars, I pulled 6 rookies, 3 of them being quarterbacks, including Canadian born Brandon Bridge.

O-Pee-Chee Retro are back at 1:3 packs or 8 per box, printed on vintagey card stock instead of glossy like the rest. I was hoping to pull a Bear Woods card and was happy I got one. Also there are O-Lineman in the insert set as well.

Not only are there O-Lineman in the inserts, there are O-lineman in the relics, this would have been a really nice box for an Alouettes fan.

My second relic is of last years Grey Cup MVP, Bo Levi Mitchell, not overly exciting, but better than a kicker I guess.

and a bonus hit, continuing the Alouettes hot box, a John Bowman autograph, numbered to 25, autos are not any easy pull so this was really nice to get.

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