Friday 13 November 2015

Slightly Confusing Bowman Rockies Trade

I like to think I keep my want-list pretty organized and current. So when this trade was proposed to me, I was confused because I was sure I already had this Wilfredo Rodriguez card. It turns out the card I had is the one on the left, BCP58. The one in the trade was BCP148, seen on the right. One is the Chrome inserts in 2013 Bowman, the other is from 2013 Bowman Chrome. The only difference being the photo is cropped a little tighter on the BCP148. Someone at Topps was very fond of this photo as it also appears on this autograph from 2013 Bowman Chrome, Scout Breakouts insert from 2013 Bowman Draft and the Diamond in the Rough insert from 2013 Bowman Platinum, so every card he has had with Topps.

A borderline pitcher at the plate card. Julian Yan was still and outfielder coming off a 16 home run season at Rookie league Grand Junction when this card came out in 2013, but has since switched to the mound and has a 6.28 ERA over 28 2/3 minor league innings.

Turning the clock way back with an "original" Rockies, Hutchins was drafted by Colorado in 1992 and played for the first Rockies affiliate, the 1992 Bend Rockies. His 1-9 record with a 5.28 career ERA might explain why he never made it the the MLB Rockies.

A couple more 1993 Bowman Rockies, and members of the 1995 Wild-card team in feared pinch-hitter Lance Painer and catcher Joe Girardi.

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  1. Bowman Chrome is dumb. There, I said it.

    Great 1993s though. Surprised I never ran across that Hutchins card.