Wednesday 7 October 2015

Going Platinum (or team collecting is weird)

Team collecting, the cardboard equivalent of cheering for laundry. Why else would I have so many posts on a quest for an oddball Aaron Ledesma card, and why else would I make an order for a card of Charlie Culberson, one of the worst Rockies players in the teams history. That's what I did, even though Culberson spent most of 2015 injured, only playing in 5 minor leagues games, and hit .195 over 210 MLB ABs last year, he was included in the weird baseball card game Platinum Series Baseball. Even though this is an unlicensed product, Culberson is obviously in a Rockies Colorado Baseball Club jersey so this became a need for the "One of Every Rockies Collection".

Even more of a misfit Rockies card, the number 44 gives this away as a Cleveland Indians photo, but still labeled as Colorado so it counts for me, or at least until Axford gets a real card in Topps Update hopefully. These cards a pretty weird in that they are 1/8" taller than a normal card, but the same width so still they fit in pages and penny sleeves. The Axford above is badly off centered, cutting off part of the stats needed to play the game on the back, bad quality control on this one.

Another forgettable Colorado player, Kyle Kendrick who finished 2015 with a  7-13 record, am ERA of 6.32 and 33 home runs given up. Not sure what is going on with the numbers on these, Kendrick might be photoshopped out of a Philles uniform, but on a second look, the numbers on the Culberson have been modified as well.

Another off-center, making it 2 out of 4 in a small sample size, this card is the only one that doesn't have a ding in the upper right corner, these were shipped upside-down in top loaders with no penny sleeve and no team bag, so the cards were sticking out of the top-loaders and the corners got mashed. While this one didn't get a dinged corner, it is bent slighty. Pretty week effort from

Browsing the site led to a couple other addition, an oddball similar to 2015 Platinum Series with an old MLB Showdown card of goalie-masked catcher Brent Mayne.

Redskins oddball with Keith Sims, better know for his time with the Dolphins, Sims spent 3 seasons with the Redskins and was a part of the 1999 playoff team. One thing Showdown was good at was giving cards to O-Linemen.

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  1. Definitely didn't know Kendrick was on the Rockies this year.