Saturday 17 October 2015

Coffee, Donuts and Hockey Cards

Finally a use for a Tim Hortons gift-card I received about a year ago. Not that I dislike Tim Hortons, but I will always take cheap gas station coffee and avoid the crazy line-ups at Tims. The lure of hockey cards was enough to pull me and the gift card made this a no-brainer. No word of a lie, there was at least 3 police cars in the parking lot in case anyone was wondering. These check in with 3 cards per pack at $1.99 or $1.00 with a drink, so not to bad for the cash. Here was some of what I came home with, other than a small black coffee.
 Starting with some base, now former Bruin Milan Lucic. First impressions, these are damn nice cards. I am a sucker for shiny/foily and these are just that.

base card of the guy on the front of the pack, I just wish he was wearing the throwback from the pack photo on this card.

One of two goalies I pulled, a nice card that will probably not stay in my collection long.

The one card in the set I wanted, the gold foil goes really well the Black & Gold gear of the younger Subban, very happy to pull this one.

another cool pull, a die-cut Alex Ovechkin, not what the shape is supposed to be here.
 A fun couple packs with a couple new Bruins and some traders that will go out soon, and the coffee wasn't too bad either.

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