Tuesday 22 December 2015

Black Friday Hockey

Not all Friday Black pick-ups, but all part of a COMC shipment that contained my Black Friday cards. Starting off with the most exciting card in the package. A dual sock relic of Pelle Lindbergh. This is not near as gross as it sounds as these are from the hockey socks (which are more of leggings really), and not actually worn on the feet. Lindbergh is a pretty tragic story, an All-Star and Vezina Trophy winner who died in a car accident at the age of 26. It does make you wonder where Upper Deck got hockey socks from a guy who last played in 1985. The only bad part about this card is that the sock portion really bulges out of the card, there is no real creasing, but it creates a really weird 3D kind of effect.
My second Lindbergh card of the pack, I love how bad-ass a mask can look even without a crazy paint job.

More Jason Voorhees style masks, Jacques Plante played in 8 games with the Bruins as a 44 year old in 1972-73 and I think this is the only card that shows him in a Bruins jersey.

Slightly more modern, a card I never knew existed until recently, I was familiar with the OPC version that had a Capitals logo but never knew about the Topps version with the Bruins logo. I have always loved this photo and this was an easy add when it turned up. I always laugh thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Peeters naming their child Pete.

I have a serious lack of home-town Saskatoon Blades card in my collection, and this pre-moustached Wendel Clark is a step toward fixing that.

File this one under "Scanned-like-crap-but-amazing-in-hand", a Select Certified "Gold Team" insert. Neely was the first guy I collected growing up, and I knew I had to add this shiny gold card that just screamed mid-90's insert.

Stanley Cup Champion, Gregory Campbell. Campbell never had a certified auto with Boston so this will have to do for now, but I do have other plans for this card in the future, and no, it does not involve peeling the sticker off.

and lastly, a David Pastrnak from Upper Deck Overtime. I am not sure what the Overtime cards come from, but I guess it was cheap because I really don't remember buying this one.

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  1. Mmmm 30 year old socks. That card is awesome regardless.