Thursday 3 December 2015

Cleaning out the Scan folder again

I intended to clean up my office, but that quickly took a back seat to catching up on scanning and cleaning out the scan folder and to be scanned pile. These are all from a previous COMC order, and with a new one on the way it was way past time to post some of these and scan them in. Starting with some 2011 In The Game Canadiana of Terry Puhl, one of the very few Saskatchewan born MLB players. Nice to have an auto of his and a sweet red patch from the old Astros uni even if they are unlicensed.

More pieces of clothes with a burgundy swatch of Trent Williams, being a O-Lineman Williams doesn't have a ton of cards, so I made a point of picking this one up when I saw it.

A couple young guys from the current division leading Redskins, Bashaud Breeland has come on as a solid corner, a guy you should be able to build around and Redskins cards on red parallels always look good. I usually stay away from die-cuts, but the Silas Redd is limited to 5 copies and I got for $1.25, so I got a good deal on that.

Some Kings to add to my small NBA collection, the Brad Miller tricked me in that it's not really a wood card, and the Isiah Thomas tricked me in that I thought it might be acetate, but is actually die cut, but at least it will store properly with 4 corners. The crusade was just a nice looking card.

Jimmy Waite with one of my favorite masks of all time. The "animal eating my face" paint job got a little overdone in the 90's, but this one brought a little different twist that the standard Andy Moog/Brian Hayward/CuJo masks.

My first David Pastrnak, I resisted the urge to splurge on his cards when he came up last year so I was limited to a base rookie from OPC Platinum, and a Bobby Orr from 1991 Score. This one leaves me one away from the set that I started 24 years ago.

of course there would be Gypsy Queen, the Abreu knocks off the last expensive short print, I really need to finish this set before 2016 comes out.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

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