Monday 4 April 2016

Opening some Opening Day on Opening Day

I never planned on buying any Opening Day, but a trip to the LCS for supplies always leads to a few packs, this time it lead to a box. Seeing as a box of Opening Day goes for under $40, it really wasn't that much more than my usual few sample packs. I am glad I did buy this box because my Dad was around over the weekend and we opened it while watching the Sunday games. Pretty cool to open a box with the man that got me started collecting.
So here's what we pulled.

Base cards: My box gave me the complete 200 card set with 6 extras left over. As someone who started in the late 80's and collected in the early 90's, good collation is always nice to see. Same as base Topps but with a few cards that will probably end up in series 2. This Carlos Gonzalez really caught my eye with a nice sliding photo taken in AT&T Park.

I got pretty lucky with this box, a Kyle Schwarber photo variation, should more than pay for the box. This come out of one the packs that Dad opened, maybe a good luck charm.

My inserts had 8 Mascots, and deep down inside, we all love mascots.

6 Blue Foil parallels, which look really nice in person, I will be looking for more of these

7 Superstar Celebrations showing off some nice photographs

1 Bubble Trouble, 2 Opening Day Stars, 7 Alternate Reality, 7 Striking Distance and 7 Heavy Hitters round out the rest of the inserts, which are a whole lot of not much.
For the price it was a pretty fun break, way more fun that the few packs on Bowman Draft that I picked up along with it and am not going to bother scanning or mentioning again.

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  1. Dinger! I'm usually pretty lucky pulling the Dinger mascot card, but haven't seen it yet this year.