Sunday 29 May 2016

Gyspy Queen Pick-ups with Some 1/1 Action

I'm getting really bad at not scanning and posting thing, so I am making a point of getting back to it, starting with a compilation of recent Gypsy Queen additions. I am pretty excited about the above card, a Charlie Blackmon 1/1 Framed Black from this years GQ. I got this for $11 plus shipping probably due to the auction being listed with an un-descriptive title. I think this is only my second "true" 1/1 as I don't really count printing plates.
Speaking of printing plates, the Cyan plate to go with the Blackmon above, there is little chance the other three will all show up, but it's a start anyway.

I have been pretty good about not buy printing plates, but here is another one I couldn't pass up, one of my favorite cards from last years GQ, Wilin Rosario who is now playing for the Hanwha Eagles of the Korean League.

Back to actual cardboard with a Corey Dickerson auto, on of my favorite Rockies from last year who is now with Tampa Bay. This is Dickerson's first certified auto and this goes along with my weird obsession with orange parallels.

A black parallel from 2011, my favorite parallel from what is still my favorite Gypsy Queen release, always nice to add a needed Rockie.

more 2011's, a couple photo variations, these don't show up very often so I try and jump on them when I can, although I did feel a little dirty buying a Ryan Braun card.

finished off with a short print from this year, 16 down, 34 to go.

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