Monday 10 October 2016

2017 Gypsy Queen First Look

Every year I have a small dread that Topps will discontinue the Gypsy Queen line, there is no reason for this, just a little voice in my head that likes to torment me with worse-case scenarios. My fear can be eased for another year as details of 2017 Gypsy Queen are out. First impressions, not good. It looks like it is not finished, I really don't the look of the faded photo, as opposed to the framed style of every other year of GQ. The Gypsy Queen logo is also nothing like previous years. Honestly, I don't mind the bottom half of the card, but the top half is a disaster.

Most if not all this comes from Blowout Buzz, full credit to them 

A couple big changes, as this product was always 2 Autos, 2 relic per box, this year is 2 autos and one Glassworks Box topper.
I am not a hug relic guy, and assuming these are thick acetate, they should be pretty cool.

The article also mentions a lower price point, no complaints here, I always save up for two boxes, so maybe there will be a little extra in card budget next spring.
The usual 300 card base set is back, but the short prints have dropped from 50 to 20. I wonder if this is going to make them a harder pull?
Photo variations are back with players without their caps, doesn't that sound exciting.
Along with those there are the usual high-end relic booklets and autographs, but for me it's about the base, this is the only set I loyally build. Design wise, 2016 was a huge jump from the awful 2015 set, but first glance on 2017 is a little cringe-worthy. I hope maybe the scans don't do it justice or maybe it will grow on me.

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  1. I'm not a fan of the GQ franchise but I agree the bottom part is nice.