Tuesday 13 June 2017

COMC Spring Cleaning 2: Redskins

On to the Redskins, and more credit to Panini, they are the current kings of crazy parallels. This one is from Spectra and I was surprised at how thick this card is, I honestly can't keep up with Panini's many releases, but I guess this is a high end product? Whatever, crazy parallel and my first Josh Norman are enough for me.

I was pretty excited when this card popped up as it doesn't seem to show up often. Pierce made his name with the Giants, but started his career as a special-teamer with the Redskins in 2001 before starting all 16 games in 2004, being generally awesome, and then signing with New York.

This is a weird one, after the 1991 Hall of Fame set, Enor released updates in 1992 and 1995. Riggins was in both these sets with different photos on the card, this is from the 1992 update.

This kind of thing blows my mind. Skye Dawson was undrafted and signed with the Redskins, but was cut before the 2013 season started. He then signed with the Buccaneers, played in a few games and was cut. Then this card comes out, in Panini's highest end product, on March of 2014. Why is Skye Dawson in any set, let alone a high end set? Why do I buy these things (because I am a completest and a sucker for punishment).

Another undrafted guy who never played for the Redskins, although it makes more sense on a Bowman card. Standeford kicked around a few years and was on the Colts practice squad on their Super Bowl XLI team.

I like Orange, I liked Alfred Morris, this card was cheap for an Orange Ice. Also an error card as he is listed as a Wide Receiver.

Bonus CFL content, I have no intention of finishing the 2014 SSP Star Rookies set, but I still pick them up if they are cheap, cross this one off the list.

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