Wednesday 21 June 2017

TCDB Trade #7

It is always nice when a trade doesn't have to cross international borders or go through customs as was the case with a small recent trade from tcdb. It even has a little Canadian theme, starting with what was probably a big deal when it came out. Eric Lindros was going to be the next great player and Score pumped out cards of him like crazy, even including him in their 1990 Score Rookie & traded set. 

Another Canadian star, Larry Walker on a Upper Deck Sweet Spot card. I didn't collect in this period and I feel like there must have been a new product out every week with the amount of sets from that era.

More Canadian content with a good prairie boy Arnie Weinmeister from Saskatchewan.

The first kicker in the Hall of Fame

If your name is gonna be Dick Butkus, you better be tough, this guy was.

Speaking of tough, Larry Wilson, not a household name for a Hall of Famer, but is credited with popularizing the safety blitz and according to the card back "He once intercepted a pass with both hands in casts." That is about as tough as you can get.

The card I was really after, but probably the most boring, a zero-year Rockies card of Damian Jackson, signed by the Rockies in January of 2004, then released in March as Aaron Miles won the Second Base job and eventually finished 4th in Rookie of the Year voting.

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  1. Love the Damian Jackson and will have to track one down sometime. Remember him fondly from his Padres days.