Sunday 11 February 2018

1st COMC of 2018: Baseball

No "saving the best for last here", we are going to lead off with my favorite baseball card of the package, a Cooperstown "Dufex" card of Dale Murphy. The good old Foilly Dufex from 90's Pinnacle, this is a pretty sweet card now, I bet it was a big deal back in 1993. As far as the Cooperstown part, I feel Murphy is HoF worthy, more so than a lot of recent guys that have got in.

I have said many times that I feel like Topps Now is just another way for Topps to milk collectors and cash in further on Aaron Judge and Cody Bellenger types, but the odd time I lose any willpower that might be hanging around, and this is one of those time. A pitcher at the plate card of Jon Gray's 467 foot homerun this year was just too good to pass up.

Two new cards for the set build that will never end, this gives me 21 out of 100 with 79 to go.

and two more 2015 Gypsy Queen off the list along with the last 2016 Gypsy Queen I needed in Tom Seaver, oddly enough card number 350 of 350.

A super-shiny Larry Walker from 2000 Bowman's Best, another in a long line of scanner doesn't do it justice cards.

This one actaully scanned pretty well, a Gold parallel from Topps Fire

and a Black parallel from 2009 OPC, one of my favorite parallel sets of all time.

and finally a Jordan Patterson from what I thought was the best baseball set last year, Panini Diamond Kings.


  1. I have managed to resist Topps Now so far. I like to pretend that it doesn't exist, kind of like eTopps.

  2. I actually went and looked for that Dale Murphy on COMC. No luck.

    1. I was looking for that one for a while, they don't seem to show up that often.

  3. If only scanners could pick up how shiny that awesome Walker card really is.