Monday 6 May 2019

Harder To Find Than It Should Have Been

Sometimes randomly searching for something that you have randomly searched for 100 times pays off. I have no idea how many times I have searched every site I can think of for this, and it finally popped up on Sportlots, for $1.25 and cheap shipping ($1.75 for 4 cards), no hesitation, sold. Still not sure why a card numbered to 999 was so hard to find, but I was very happy to add Stubby Clapp's (80 grade name by the way) only Team Canada Cardboard appearance to the collection.

Joining the "combined shipping" party is Ryan Freeburg, my oldest "One of every Rockies" need, and the first position player every drafted by Colorado after 4 pitchers in the 1992 draft. 

Not the same order, but still from Sportlots, the last 3 cards I needed to finish 1996 SP, a absolutely gorgeous and criminally underrated set.

and finally a super shiny Reggie Brooks, a new Brad Edwards from the black bordered beauty that is 1993 Pinnacle, and a two for one with Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen's only Redskins cardboard appearance featuring the absolutely horrible, pre-Color Rush white on white unis.


  1. That Clapp is nice. I need to populate my Clapp collection.

  2. Totally agree. 1996 SP is a great looking set.