Sunday 22 September 2019

Football Frankenset Aug/Sept 2019 Adds

077 - 2001 Ultra - Jon Ritchie
Great shot of a fullback clearing the hole, bonus points for dirt baseball infield and a card design that lets the photo be the star.

096 - 1998 Pacific - Jeff Blake
Another great snow game card from Pacific.

101 - 1999 Upper Deck - Keenan McCardell
Maybe not quite a goalpost dunk, but a finger roll at least.

118 - 2019 Score - Alejandro Villanueva
I am a sucker for patriotic anthem shots, and this guy makes it a little more special.

200 - 1993 Pinnacle - Barry Sanders
My pick for the greatest Running Back ever, snow day, framed by a black bordered beauty of a design, yes please.

217 - 1995 Pacific - Donnell Woolford
Throwback to the 1920's Bears from the NFL's 75th Anniversary season in 1994.

239 - 1992 Collector's Edge - Jimmie Jones
A forgotten gem of a set with lots of weird photo choices like this one, which looks to be a Jim Jeffcoat sack of the Packers Blair Keil from a game in October of 1991.

307 - 1998 Ultra - Greg Lloyd
A Short Term Stop / Sunset card of Greg Lloyd, who played for the Steelers from 1988-1997 making the Pro Bowl 5 times before finishing his career in 1998 with the Panthers.

316 - 2019 Score - Chris Carson
I really don't want to overdo it with 2019 Score, but there is just so much there including this gross color rush jersey. 

331 - 1998 Ultra - Rick Mirer
The 2nd overall pick in the 1993 Draft, bounced around as a back-up, signing with the Packers in 1998 but never made it to the field in the regular season backing up Brett Favre and Doug Pederson.

360 - 1992 Pro Line Portraits - Mitch Frerotte
The mullet, the mustache, the tattoo, even a touch of Zubaz. So much greatness in one card.

376 - 2019 Score - Base 376 - Julian Love
Notre Dame sporting their baseball inspired Yankee Stadium jerseys. 

432 - 2001 Pacific - Rodney Thomas
Pretty much the whole Titans team set from 2001 Pacific is from this Snow Game against the Browns, and they are all just as good as this one.

488 - 1994 Ultra - Isaac Davis
I really love the Chargers throwbacks with the number on the helmet, bonus points for an O-Lineman card and the tinted Darth Vader visor.

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  1. A. That Ritchie is fantastic!
    B. Sanders is the greatest running back I've ever seen.
    C. Mirer played for the Packers? Not sure how that little tidbit slipped past me.